Street level - Japan (2018)

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  • 10 unique Lightroom presets for Lightroom Classic CC
  • 5 unique Lightroom components for Lightroom Classic CC
  • Ideal for street photography & people
  • *Prices are in USD. Presets will be sent via email and will include a 24-hour link for you to download from. 

10 unique Lightroom looks

A street photography and general usage Lightroom preset pack developed from my favourite country to shoot in - Japan.

One of the things I love about this country is the amount of detail, care and thought they put into their work and culture. It's something I've tried to bring out in these images and in this preset pack.

What you'll find here is a pack full of versatility. From the bright neon lights of Shinjuku to the rich, cultural alleyways of Kyoto, there's something in this pack for everyone. 


Preset previews

Pat Kay Presets - Oriental

Pat Kay Presets - Deep colour

Pat Kay Presets - Pop and fade (Film 1)

Pat Kay Presets - Pull colours (Film 2)

Pat Kay Presets - Neo Tokyo (Film 3)

Pat Kay Presets - Cold shoulder

Pat Kay Presets - Desat

Pat Kay Presets - Got the blues

Pat Kay Presets - Pretty in pink

Pat Kay Presets - The start