From above - Ocean aerials (2018)

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  • 6 unique Lightroom presets for Lightroom Classic CC
  • 10 unique Lightroom preset brushes for Lightroom Classic CC
  • Ideal for aerial photography and scenes with water
  • *Prices are in USD. Presets will be sent via email and will include a 24-hour link for you to download from. 

6 unique ocean aerial looks

Drone shots are particularly hard to edit.

Even harder are Mavic Pro shots. The RAW files from these amazing flying cameras are decent, but fall pretty flat in dynamic range and colour.

This preset pack solves both of those shortcomings, and more.

In this first instalment of ‘From Above’, I wanted to focus on the most common types of drone shots, the ones I love to shoot the most, and the ones I’m most known for.

They all feature water, and they’re all shot top-down. They include rock pools, waves and beaches.

The real value of this preset pack is the brushes - it's one of my secrets to great ocean aerials.


How to install Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes

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Preset Previews

Pat Kay presets - From Above - Rockpool 1 - Mona vale 

Pat Kay presets - From Above - Rockpool 2 - North Curl Curl

Pat Kay presets - From Above - Rockpool 3 - Maroubra

Pat Kay presets - From Above - Swimmer

Pat Kay presets - From Above - Wave

Pat Kay presets - From Above - Stockton